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As soon as you've set up your profile, you'll be given the option to make a team, and invite your friends onto the roster whether they've already completed their own registration or not.

When your team is built, all you have to do is hit the START button that appears.

NOTE: The ability to START will not appear until August 9th.

Confused about registration? Watch this video to help clear things up: Click Here


This is a simple 3 STEP PROCESS:

Step 1 | Fill Out the Free Registration Form below and Create Your Team
Step 2 | Purchase a "Film Credit" through secure payment via PayPal
Step 3 | Come back to the site anytime between FRIDAY AUGSUT 9th - SUNDAY AUGUST 25th to get your randomly assigned genre an line of dialogue.

Then upload your film when your finished! (okay that's 4 steps... but hey who's counting?)

You can create your account and team now for free. There is no payment required at this time. However, to be able to start the Guerrilla Film Challenge the "team captain" will need to purchase a credit.

You will need one credit for your team to get your random elements and start your 48 Hour Clock!

Entry Type
Regular Pricing
August 9th - August 22nd
$100 p/team
Last Minute Entry
August 23rd - August 25th
$125 p/team
NOTE: Your Screen Name will be used to create your Profile URL e.g.



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