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What is this thing all about?

The 48GFC is about fun, challenge, and just "making it work" - Filmmakers come together in teams and are assigned a random genre and line of dialogue. After that they are in a race against the clock to write, shoot and edit a short film. These films are uploaded through their accounts to our website. The films are then judged and the winner receives $5,000 cash.

How does the competition work??

The competition lasts will begin on a Friday evening at a time of our choosing which we will announce in advance. Registered teams will need to be logged into the website prior to the kickoff time. On your chosen shooting day you will log into the website.

  1. You will then get the following random elements:

    - A line of dialogue that must be included in your film
    - A genre
    - A prop, location, action or some combination thereof

  2. A digital countdown clock will begin ticking. At this moment, you will have EXACTLY 48 hours to return to our website and begin uploading your film. Once the upload begins, you're done.

Wait there is a range of dates??

Yes!! For the first time ever we are finally able to handle what has been the single biggest request since we started doing this thing. FLEXIBLE DATES! This means that you can hit "START" whenever you wish as long as it falls in our date range. You can pick the 48 hr period that works best for you and your crew. When you choose to start is a big part of the strategy. You are not limited to weekends... you could start any date or time of the week!

So does that mean I can enter more than one film?

Yes!! Flexible dates means that if you are crazy enough and/or have the guts to do more than one film you may do so! More films obviously means more shots at the grand prize. A single team can only have one film going at a time. You may be a part of multiple teams.

Do I have to pay to create an account?

No. Payment only occurs when you buy a "credit" which will allow yo to get your film elements. Watch this video for more info: CLICK HERE

Does everyone on my team need to create an account?

No. Only the "team captain" MUST create an account. A team captain is the only one that can hit the START button. However, we strongly encourage the whole cast and crew to create accounts. The reason for this is that we will be offering complete credits and linked profiles with your films.

We have big plans to connect the global film making community together in a more compelling way. We have been working towards this for a long time. We hate SPAM so we don't do that sort of thing and we won't ever share your info... period!

I am not in your Time Zone. How does that work?

Your time zone is not a factor.

  • On August 9th (anytime after 12:01 am EST) you will login to the website and you will be randomly assigned a genre and line of dialogue. (Genre blending is fine BTW so if get "romantic comedy" and you want to make a "zombie romantic comedy" go for it.)

  • The time is based from the time YOU start. You have 48hrs from the time you hit the "start button". Only after you hit it do you get the above elements.

What happens if my INTERNET goes down or I somehow can't upload my film?

If your upload does not begin within the specified time limit, you will be disqualified. If your upload begins and fails, our tech team will investigate the failure and a re-upload may be allowed depending on the circumstances. If you encounter tech issues you are encourage to CONTACT US

How long can my movie be?

A minimum of 5 minutes and a max of 8 minutes in length.

Can I use SpecialFx Software/Plugins such as "Video Copilot" or other "stock" effects?

The short answer is yes. If the software license you are using allows you to release films using these effects (things like muzzle flashes, smoke, explosions, etc.) then you may use them. However, they may only be used to augment footage shot during the 48 Hour period. In other words, you cannot cut to a shot of a building that you filmed prior to the event start and add effects to that, etc.

Can I use 3D Animation and/or Models?

Yes. We love 3D... However NO STOCK MODELS... Everything must be created in the 48 Hour Period.

Can I use "royalty free" or "creative commons" licensed music?

Yes. However, you are required to supply a link and/or written authorization showing that this is the license status of any music you use. If we cannot verify it's status your film may not qualify for the grand prize.

How do I fill out the release paperwork and what do I do with it?

Boo!! Hiss!! Paperwork is just no fun at all!! Sadly, it's a fact of life. Your paperwork can be scanned and uploaded with your film or it can be emailed to us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

What happens after I upload my film?

Once we receive all the films, we will process them and review each film. Films that violate the rules will be disqualified. The rest will move on to Final Judging.


It's exactly what it sounds like. Our judges will review the films individually and rate them based on a ratings sheet that we design. Creativity and originality are weighted more heavily than technical skill but technical skill still counts! Don't get sloppy!

Then what?!?

Once our judges have reviewed the films, we will tally the scores and notify all the teams that made it into the final round. We will announce the winners at our awards ceremony (dates to be announced)

Does my film have to be in English?

Not necessarily... HOWEVER, our judges speak English so if it is in a non-english language please consider using subtitles. If the story is not clear than this could hurt you in Final Judging. There are exceptions like sub-titles, silent films etc.

Does my film have to be "Family Friendly"?

No. Film as a medium covers a broad spectrum of styles and ratings. Therefore, so does our contest. However, please use good judgment/taste. If it couldn't screen at a mainstream local movie theater it may risk being disqualified. No PORN.

Why do you do this?

We believe that film making needs to be practiced to be be perfected. We believe that offering an incentive (cash and prizes) along with some loose guide lines will eliminate excuses, lead to better films and ultimately enrich the lives of those who participate.

How Do I Enter?

Simple. You can sign up online - CLICK HERE

What happened at the past events?

We're in our 8th year now. You can view many of the past films and winners on our YouTube Channel.

When is the filming weekend?

Shooting dates run Friday August 9th - Sunday August 25th, 2013

Is it spelled "Guerrilla" or "Guerilla"??

Believe it or not BOTH are acceptable. However after much flip-flopping we have officially settled on two 'r' s for our name.

What's up with the different pricing levels?

We offer "Early Bird" pricing for those who enter by August 7th. This is so that we can begin to get an accurate count of how many films to expect as we schedule screening times, etc. The closer we get to the entry date the more tricky program scheduling becomes.

Where are all the technical details on what formats you need for uploading, etc.?

We will have detailed requirements as we get closer to the event and some video blogs detailing the exact submission process and guidelines. Generally speaking though, if it will work for YouTube it should work for us.

Stay Tuned for More Details Soon.
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