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The following General rules apply to each participating group/production team:

The 2013 Guerrilla Film Challenge will officially open on AUGUST 9th at 12:01 AM Eastern Standard Time. At that time teams will be able to login to the website through a link that will be provided to them at the e-mail address they registered with.

Once logged in teams will click a clearly labeled "START" Button on the website. Clicking this button will officially begin each team's "48 Hour Period".

Teams may click the button anytime between AUGUST 9th & AUGUST 25TH after the official opening time. To account for time zone difference, each team's 48 hour period is unique to them.

Teams will receive a Random Line of Dialogue, Random Genre, and possible other required elements as soon as they click the button.
The participating team/group must complete its film/video work in time to upload it through the website before their 48 Hr. Period has expired.

Only works that meet the deadline will be screened or eligible for prizes. In that 48 hour period, all creativity will take place, including but not limited to:

Writing the Script, Rehearsing, Costume/Set Design, Shooting, Editing, Sound Design

The only work to begin prior to the "Official 48 Hour Time Period" is:

Organizing Crew, Organizing Cast, Securing Equipment, Scouting/securing Locations

All footage must be shot within the 48 hour time period of the project. No stock footage or footage shot or created at another time may be used. Animation and special effects are permitted, but must be created during the 48 hour time period.

Each participating group must have a representative Register Online and pay the required entry fee. At the start of the competition, each group will choose the genre of its film in a random drawing. In addition, each group will be assigned required elements that must appear in its film, such as a specific character, prop and/or line of dialogue.

To qualify as an "Official 48 Hour Guerilla Film," each group's film must be in the genre it selects and must contain all required elements. All cast and crew must be volunteers. This includes all cast and crew. (e.g. actors, camera people, etc.)

Terms and Conditions.

By entering the 2013 Guerrilla Film Challenge you agree that you have read and FULLY UNDERSTAND the "Official Rules" of the contest.

Furthermore you agree that all decisions of the 48GFC and it's staff are considered final and binding.



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